EnvironmentAL, Social & Governance ReportS

Welcome to our second Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report. We report on the progress made against our commitments and achievements over the last year and detail new targets and strategies for the future.

Since becoming Australia’s first 1.5°C electricity retailer, we have begun to reflect on how we can help create a 1.5°C world for everyone, and what this world looks like. We also recognise that no part of ZEN operates in isolation, and this thinking forms our sustainability reporting plans. Alongside the recent release of International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation (IFRS)S1 and S2 standards from the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), and the upcoming Australian Sustainability Reporting Standards, we believe that by presenting a fuller picture of our business, we can more accurately account for our impact. Going forward, we aim to more tightly align our reporting with these standards, as well as the Integrated Reporting Framework established by the IFRS.

* ZEN engaged one of Australia’s leading ESG report specialists, Currie Communications, to assess the report using the globally recognised Global ESG Monitor (GEM) methodology. GEM ranks organisations based on the clarity and relevance of their ESG reports. After being extensively assessed against a benchmark comprising the top 50 ASX companies (2019 reporting sample), ZEN Energy’s ESG report has ranked at the top, scoring 50.


ZEN has commissioned quarterly, national qualitative and quantitative public opinion research conducted by highly regarded research firm, Essential Media.

As Australia’s first 1.5°C energy retailer, we will continue to stay across key issues impacting Australia’s energy transition, by asking Australians and sharing our findings with them.

Each quarter’s research will focus on a theme topical for the energy transition to enable a deeper exploration of people’s opinions and motivations behind the issues and concerns raised only at the surface level in other opinion research.

We will use the results to continually refine and enhance how we engage with our key stakeholders as we
accelerate Australia’s journey to becoming a renewable energy Superpower.

Our Targets

As Australia’s first electricity retailer to have a near-term science-based emissions reduction target in line with limiting global warming by 1.5°C. We are deeply committed to taking the action required to limit global warming. ZEN has committed to incur zero Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2023 and has also committed to reducing scope 3 emissions by 71.6% by 2030.
ZEN is growing a formidable ecosystem of sustainability-driven partners including renewable energy suppliers, capital partners, retail customers, and sustainable communities. Working together enables an acceleration of our business plan to increase the quantity of firmed renewable energy assets into the National Energy Market.
With a deep connection to country, Indigenous Australians have a revered voice when it comes to climate change. We’re committed to publishing our first Aboriginal Reconciliation Plan by the end of 2023.
We embrace diversity, celebrate our differences, and find ways to inspire to our team, stakeholders, and community to work together to drive change. We’re committed to implementing a diversity and inclusion action plan by the end of 2023.




As Australia’s first 1.5 degree energy retailer, there are clear synergies between our sustainability agenda and the traditional ways in which the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have sustainably managed the land. We have already seen Traditional Owners lead the way in the development of carbon abatement and savannah burning methodologies, harnessing traditional practices to care for Country, whilst generating valuable income streams that support the aspirations of current and future generations. There is much our industry can learn from Australia’s Traditional Owners and we are actively engaging with First Nations communities and leaders to guide us on that journey. Conversely, we commit to leverage our intellectual property, networks and access to capital to support the active participation of First Nations in Australia’s energy transition.


Equity and equality is a fundamental pillar of reconciliation and we believe First Nations peoples must be active players in Australia’s energy transition. Central to our RAP efforts will be the development of a First Nations Engagement Framework with the aim of supporting communities to leverage economic, cultural and social outcomes from net-zero focussed activities taking place on their country. This is vital if First Nations peoples are to truly achieve self-determination and economic independence.


We are committed to better understanding our own level of cultural awareness and maturity, and are excited to explore how we can empower our people with education and new experiences to go on a journey of learning and reflection. As we grow, our ultimate goal is to position ZEN as an industry leader in First Nations engagement within our sector.


We will explore and deliver initiatives that maximise employment opportunities for First Nations peoples across the ZEN Group and throughout our supply chain. We’ll use the initial 12 months of our Reflect RAP to identify how we can have an impact.


The procurement of goods and services from First Nations suppliers is a powerful mechanism to support both economic independence and employment outcomes for First Nations peoples. We will review our procurement policies, processes and practices to maximise opportunities to support First Nations suppliers.


Our core purpose of leading communities into a zero-carbon world requires transition, innovation and diversity. As the Traditional Owners and Custodians of our Country, we believe Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have a vital role to play in that transition. First Nations peoples have successfully managed the Australian landmass in a sustainable way for millennia, and simply must benefit from the significant investment in renewable energy infrastructure to come. We know we have much to learn from the unique knowledge, experiences and perspectives of the Traditional Owners of Australia, this is a common theme throughout our RAP.


ZEN Energy has offtake agreements with Australia’s premier renewable energy projects.

Our Partners

As Australia’s first electricity retailer to have a near-term science-based emissions reduction target in line with limiting global warming by 1.5°C, we are committed to working with like-minded organisations to make our bold sustainability commitment a reality. This includes some of Australia’s most forward-thinking large energy users and world-leading renewable energy developers and investors.