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How much could you save with solar?

Find out with our solar calculator.

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With solar panels from ZEN Energy, you could save thousands on your electricity bills every year.

Simply tell us:

1. your location in Australia;
2. the time of day you most use electricity;
3. your daily average energy usage (an estimate is fine);
4. your goal for installing solar; and
5. your email address.

We’ll provide you with an instant estimate of how much you could save on your electricity bills each year with solar.

Discover how much you could save with solar panels from ZEN Energy

I live in the
and electricity is mainly used during the
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0 kWhs per day
and I want a solution that is sized for
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You could save up to a year

We estimate you need:

Speak to a ZEN Energy consultant about a custom solution to suit your needs.

Need more advice?

If you’d like to discuss your estimate in more detail, we’re here to help – simply request a quote from our team and we’ll be in touch to provide expert advice.

Our solar systems are designed to meet your goals, whether that’s fast payback to maximise your savings, or future-proofing your system to add battery storage down the track.

With solar panels, you can:

  • power your home with clean, green solar energy;
  • become less reliant on the grid and energy operators;
  • potentially save thousands on your electricity bill each year;
  • with additional battery storage, have the potential for emergency back-up power during blackouts or grid interruptions; and
  • reduce your home’s carbon footprint for a more sustainable energy future.

Learn more about solar and battery storage, and how you can save thousands on your electricity bills for years to come.

Browse our solar and battery storage guides, fact sheets and blogs. These have been created by our ZEN Energy solar specialists, and are full of hints, tips and buying do’s and don’ts to help you make the best possible decision for your energy future.

Start saving with a new solar system from ZEN Energy.

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