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Save with solar panels on your home or business

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Solar panels from ZEN Energy could help you save thousands on your electricity bills – for good.

With solar panels you can capture the power of the sun and convert it to electricity for your home, saving you thousands of dollars on your electricity bills every year over the life of your system.

  • Significantly reduce your energy bills
  • Live sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Be less reliant on the electricity grid
  • Shield yourself from ongoing energy price rises
  • Minimise your upfront costs with Government incentives

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Are solar panels worth it?

Yes – when you look at the savings you could gain over the life of your system, solar panels are well worth the upfront cost.

With ongoing Government incentives and the drop in solar panel prices in recent years, creating a sustainable energy future for your home is easier and more affordable than ever before.

At today’s standard energy rates, many Australian households can expect to save at least $20,000 on their energy bills over the life of their solar panels, if not more.

With high quality, well-designed solar panel systems costing between $3,000 and $10,000 in upfront payments, it’s easy to see how the energy savings over the life of the system far outweigh the initial costs – keeping those well earned dollars in your back pocket and effectively delivering you free energy after just a few years. If you add battery storage to your solar panels, you could save even more money every year, and have the potential of power in a blackout.

When evaluating if solar panels and battery storage is right for you, be careful to weigh up not only the upfront costs of your system, but also the long-term savings you could gain over its lifetime.

Read our blog, The Seven Most Common Mistakes When Buying Solar to learn how you can make informed decisions when searching for your perfect solar system.

What could you save with solar panels?

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Save even more money with battery storage

A common concern of potential solar buyers is that they would only be generating energy while the sun is out, but their household uses the most energy at night.

Without battery storage, excess solar electricity that isn’t used is sent back to the grid, and you might receive a small feed-in tariff from your electricity provider for this surplus. While you’ll be reducing your electricity bills and helping to stabilise the grid, you’ll still need to rely on the grid for your electricity needs at night and may not be getting the maximum financial benefit from your solar panels.

With battery storage, you can store the excess solar energy you generate during the day, ready to use at all hours of the day and night.

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You’ll be less reliant on the grid, have the option of having power in a blackout, and you’ll minimise your electricity bills for years to come. Read our blog, Could you be saving more with your solar? to learn how you can maximise the savings gained from your solar panels, and how to decide if you’re ready to invest in battery storage.

With energy bills from traditional retailers only increasing and more and more Government subsidies becoming available around Australia for home batteries, now is the best time to look into installing a battery storage system to complement your solar power system.

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Your solar panels could be paid off in as little as 3-5 years

Solar panels that are well designed to cater for your daily energy needs could take as little as 3-5 years to payback.

Payback periods differ in each state, and depend on the size of your system and how well suited it is to your energy consumption.

If you decide to add on battery storage to your solar panels, the payback period will be slightly longer – typically around 6-12 years, before the effect of any subsidies or rebates.

Read our blog, What is the payback on battery storage to learn more about how long your solar panels and battery storage system could take to payback.

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Steve MacIntyre saved $1500 in just six months

Like many South Australians, Steve McIntyre had experienced rising electricity bills, and was looking for a way to save costs for his family. 

With a solar system from ZEN Energy installed on his Athelstone home, Steve and his family have achieved huge savings, reducing their quarterly energy bills by around 90%.

“Our electricity bills ranged anywhere from $1600 up to $2200 per quarter, and that was just becoming ridiculously expensive, to the extent where it was causing some issues.”

“I’m saving roughly $1500 dollars a quarter, so I’ve saved $3000 already in 6 months. I’m going to pay the system off in 2 years. In 2 years, I’ve paid it off, and the thing will then only continue saving us money for many years to come.”

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Start saving now with solar panels from ZEN Energy

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Frequently asked questions

A solar feed-in-tariff, also known as a solar buy-back scheme or solar bonus scheme, helps you save even more with your solar panels. The tariff is an amount per kWh that your electricity retailer pays you for any solar electricity that you generate that you don’t use or store, and is instead fed back into the grid. It often comes in the form of a credit on your electricity bill total.

Feed-in tariffs differ between states, and from retailer to retailer. If you are unsure of the feed-in tariff you should be receiving, speak to your electricity retailer or an energy advisory service in your area.

The Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) Program is part of the Australian Government’s renewable energy target, and acts as an incentive for individuals and small businesses to install small-scale renewable energy systems – such as solar panels. These certificates create upfront cost savings when you invest in solar panels.

The program operates through the creation of tradable certificates that are bought and sold at market rates. For every megawatt hour (kWh) of power you generate through your eligible solar power system, you may be eligible for a particular number of these certificates. Electricity retailers buy back these certificates to meet their renewable energy targets, and this amount is often deducted from the upfront cost of your solar panels.

To be eligible, your system must be:

  • Approved for use by the Clean Energy Council;
  • Installed by a Clean Energy Council accredited installer; and
  • Sized less than 100kWh.

Read more on the Clean Energy Regulator website.

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