The Forktree Project

Stand with us in supporting the Forktree project in South Australia

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Through this fundraising campaign we’re delivery delivering a renewable energy system to power the on-site irrigation system required to deliver water around the project site.

We have donated $35,000 to kick off the campaign to raise the $85,000 needed to deliver a complete off-grid energy solution dominated by an extensive solar and battery storage system.

We need your help to raise the remaining funds, for every residential solar and battery storage system sold during the campaign period, ZEN will donate a further $300 per system.


Solar or Battery system sales required to hit our target. 


Help bring back native animals, insects and birds.
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Who is Tim Jarvis? 

Tim Jarvis AM is a British-Australian Environmental Explorer, Adventurer, Climber, Author and Documentary Filmmaker with Masters in environmental science and environmental law. He is committed to finding pragmatic solutions to major environmental issues related to climate change and biodiversity loss.

What is the Forktree Project?

The Forktree Project is a registered charity whose goal is to return a degraded 133-acre former pastoral property in South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula back to nature.

This involves re-establishing tens of thousands of native trees and shrubs on the property, which will bring back native animals, insects, and birds and sequester tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon. To add some perspective, the average Australian’s carbon footprint is approximately 25 tonnes each year.

Check out what has already been achieved:

Why do we need energy?

The site does not connect to the energy grid and will require electricity to run the water pumps and services needed to deliver the rare plant nursery and orchard. ZEN Energy has worked with the team at the Forktree Project to develop an off-grid system prominently powered by a 17kW solar system and 54kWhs of battery storage.

We will donate $300 to the Forktree Project for every residential system we install

In addition to our $35,000 initial donation, we will also donate a further $300 for every residential solar or battery storage system we sell during the campaign period.

By requesting a quote today, you will be lowering your own carbon footprint and will also help this fantastic project plant over 20,000 trees that will become home to insects, birds, and native animals.


Residential Solar or Battery system sales required to hit our target.

If you already have a solar system on your home or cannot install one, you can still help support this project by donating in our virtual donation box powered by MyCause below.

Project Founder, Explorer, Adventurer, Climber, Author and documentary Filmmaker
Tim Jarvis AM
We cannot live independently of the plants and animals that we share this planet with. Forktree will work to re-introduce the habitat that used to live on this site, which is 15,000-20,000 trees and all the species that come with it. The on-site rare seed nursery will gather and procreate seeds to be distributed and planted across the country. This project will not only educate generations of young Australians but will also act as a demonstration of what is possible and how it can be best achieved. These lessons will then be used by landowners across Australia.

Terms & Conditions

  1. MyCause manage all donations on behalf of ZEN Energy and will be providing the funds directly to The Forktree Project.
  2. ZEN Energy will donate $300 for each solar and battery system sold and paid for during the campaign period running from 10 Jan 22 – 31 Mar 22.
  3. ZEN Energy is running this campaign independent of The Forktree Project and does not have any formal connections to the organisation.
  4. ZEN Energy reserves the right end the campaign early if the $85,000 goal is reached before the campaign period ends.
  5. The energy solution being paid for with the donations related to this campaign is being provided by ZEN Energy at cost price. ZEN Energy will only be passing on the cost to deliver the energy solution and will not be adding any markup to those cost.
  6. Any amount raised above the $85,000 target required to deliver the energy solution will also be donated to The Forktree Project
  7. ZEN Energy reserves the right to cancel this campaign at anytime, however any sales completed or donations made prior to any cancellation taking place will still be provided to The Forktree Project.