ST John’s Grammar

Roof-top solar system
100,000 kg
Carbon emissions saved in the first year
Energy from the grid
The extra energy St John’s Grammar requires from the grid is supplied by ZEN.

ZEN Energy worked with the school to deliver their environmental goals with rooftop solar. They have 456 panels and the three systems combined are 130kW. As a result, St John’s Grammar School provides a more sustainable and environmentally conscious environment for their students, teaching staff, and community.

In 2018 ZEN Energy became the energy retailer for St John’s Grammar School, supplying the complimentary energy required from the grid creating a holistic energy partnership.

In 2021 St John’s Grammar School joined the Solar Schools program to gain greater visibility of their energy generation and consumption and to educate their students about solar. Solar Schools provides curriculum-aligned lessons and learning experiences using actual live data.

By partnering with ZEN Energy, St John’s significantly reduced their operating costs while being environmentally and economically sustainable. This allows the School to redirect funds into value and positive initiatives for their students, like Solar Schools.

Co-ordinator Junior School Life
Bronwyn Sharpe
“Powerful education is education that is relevant and authentic. One of the reasons we were attracted to Solar Schools is that children can visually see what we are currently generating and consuming.”
Property Manager
Arthur Galantomos
We take sustainability seriously at St John’s Grammar. We looked at what we can do as a community to reduce our environmental impact, and rooftop solar was one of the major initiatives we introduced.

ZEN delivered a 1270kW installation across three Trinity College campuses. The system will pay for itself in four years and, reduce over one million kilograms of carbon from the atmosphere in its first year alone –  1,323,2171 in fact.

Trinity College was the first Adelaide school to join Solar Schools, a uniquely Australian educational platform enabling students to measure and monitor the solar installation as part of their syllabus.  ZEN  is the exclusive partner of Solar Schools in South Australia.

Head of School
Nick Hately
“We were impressed with ZEN Energy from day one. They are really passionate about what they are doing.”