214 GWh
of electricity per year
150,000 Tonnes
of CO2 reduction
Over 2.4 Million
Trees For 10 years
25 councils making a difference in New South Wales
Together with the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC), we are delivering one of the largest renewable energy contracts for local governments, anywhere in Australia.

ZEN Energy will provide electricity to 25 councils in NSW, with 19 of them opting for 100% renewable and 83% of the total electricity will be supplied from solar farms.

This project involves the supply of electricity to over 300 major council facilities, powering more than 210,000 streetlights and more than 3000 small sites managed by councils. The 25 participating councils collectively represent over 3 million people, which is almost 38% of NSW population.

The deal will commence in 2022 and run until 2026, with an option to extend to 2030.

This is a remarkable deal and a significant step to lead our communities into the zero-carbon world.

Chief Executive Officer, SSROC.
Helen Sloan
“Councils are the closest layer of government to their communities. Everything that they do is driven by what the communities perceive as being the highest priority and the community is demanding change.”
Mayor of North Sydney Council
Zoē Baker
“People are really thrilled because it feels as if the council is reflecting the wishes and the aspirations of our community.”
Mayor of Randwick Council
Dylan Parker
“Hopefully this deal will serve as an example to councils, governments and communities right across the country saying look, you can go green, but you can do it a cost-effective way that works for everybody.”
Mayor of Woollahra Council
Susan Wynne
“I love the fact that we are actually leading the way. It is also that sense of pride that the residents have.”