Sundrop farms

Our part of Sundrop Farms’ story

Grid Electricity Supply
ZEN Energy is proud to supply the energy Sundrop Farms requires from the grid.

ZEN Energy provides energy to Sundrop farms and are working with them on their long term sustainability goals.

Sundrop farms grow and supply all the truss tomatoes to Coles in Australia. When considering how to establish the operation they set out to rethink and repurpose how farming works, with the aim to lower environmental impact by replacing fossil fuel usage. They use concentrated solar power to control the atmosphere within the greenhouse for heating and cooling. The farm has a heavily computerised system to manage the climate the shading. Concentrated solar power replaces the majority of the conventional heating system.

ZEN Energy is proud to be supplying the grid electricity that Sundrop Farms requires to power their sustainable farming operations.

Chief Executive Officer
Steve Marafiote
“The energy component was very important when we established the operations”