Today Taylor’s commitment to the land and environment saw them become the first independent Australian winery to become a signatory to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).  The targets set include many aspects of the winery operations and vineyards. To meet these sustainability commitments, they have adopted an environmental management system—this innovative plan identifies new projects to reduce energy consumption, including a solar installation.

Taylor’s Wines and ZEN Energy

In 2021, ZEN Energy worked with the team to design and install a 100Kw system on the barrel hall at the Clare Valley winery, so they can now generate renewable energy for the site.

Taylor’s Wines commitment to sustainability and connection to the environment, good business, and the community impact everything they do.  Likewise, at ZEN, we consider the social, financial, and environmental impacts of every commercial decision we make.

Mitchell Taylor
Managing Director
All wineries big and small should consider the impact we have on the environment and make serious decisions on what changes we can make to ensure Australian wine can thrive for many years to come.