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ZEN Energy installed a 6.24kW ZEN Premium solar solution at Bill Waterhouse’s beautiful St Peters home in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide. The solution is helping Bill and his family significantly reduce their energy bills while helping them to have a positive impact on the environment.

About the Project

Bill Waterhouse is a Property Valuer and single father living in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide with his three kids. Concerned about the rising cost of electricity, Bill began searching for the best way he could relieve the stress of his quarterly bill while also having a positive impact on the environment.

“Before we got solar it was pretty obvious electricity bills were going to just continue to rise, so I was always worried about how and if we could reduce the electricity cost of running the house. So, there was a little bit of tension at the time about what and how you overcome the problem of rising electricity bills.”

While reducing the home’s electricity bill was Bill’s first priority, he also had an eye on the environmental impacts of his home’s electricity usage and how solar could help. As Bill puts it, “eventually becoming carbon neutral would be a really good outcome.”

Installing the Project

When he first started researching his options for solar, Bill found it difficult to decipher what was and wasn’t a good deal and which company he could trust.

“I was looking through publications in the Sunday Mail and publications where they have all the different deals on offer, I looked at them and all they did was confuse me.”

But in one chat with a ZEN Energy consultant, Bill found how an expert company could answer many of his questions, connect his needs with the best solution, and chart a clear path through seemingly stormy seas.

“The main thing keeping me from installing solar sooner was probably the uncertainty about what size you needed and what sort of an impact it was actually going to make.”

“But when I spoke to ZEN, it started to paint a picture that I’d be getting a very reliable, very professional outcome.”

Project Outcomes

Since having his ZEN Premium solution installed, Bill and his family are reaping the benefits and achieving their goals of reducing the bills while helping the environment.

“We use quite a lot of power on the swimming pool, dryer and things like that, so my running costs during the day have been significantly reduced which is great and my quarterly bills are definitely down.

“Then there’s also the environmental impact which is a feel-good thing, to have solar operating and looking after the environment.”

Bill also had nothing but praise for the ease and hassle-free process of having the system installed and how he can trust it to perform over time

“What surprised me the most was how easy it was to install. And then from then on, the lack of maintenance, we really don’t need to look after it at all.”

“The best part about the system is that I don’t have to do anything, I don’t have to worry, it just operates itself. It’s a set and forget really”

Bill has been so happy with his ZEN Energy experience and results that he’s even gone on to recommend ZEN to others

“I’ve recommended ZEN on several occasions, some of my friends have been to ZEN now and were happy with the results”

On a final note, Bill offered some sage advice for anyone considering solar for their home,

“ZEN was brilliant. They were really good, and we got professional service. I didn’t have to worry about any major claims or anything like that, it was a realistic outcome, and I knew it was going to be a realistic outcome. And I also knew I had recourse to ZEN if anything was to go wrong.

“It’s pretty easy to install, it’s economical in the longer term and the reduction in my quarterly bills is notable – it’s a no brainer!”

Follow Bill and choose a company that offers outstanding choice and service.

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