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Brett Pontt did his sums and realised there was only one outcome if he installed a home solar energy system – his family would be better off.

“When we did our sums, we could not lose out with regards to the initial outlay of costs, and what we were going to make back,” Brett says.

“So far, it’s been working out really well. We’re on track to having the system paid off in three years, and then we’ll start to make money.” 

Brett and his wife Karen installed an eight panel solar system at their home in 2011.

“We wanted to reduce our electricity bill as best we could, being guided by ZEN with how many panels we could fit on our roof,” Brett says.

“Our solar energy is covering at least one quarter of our overall energy use, so now each month when Karen pays the electricity bill, there’s more money left in our pocket than there used to be.”

Brett says since being installed, their solar system has been problem free.

“If we ever decide to add to our system, we would definitely go back to ZEN. It’s ZEN’s approach. Their staff speak to you as a person, rather than a number.”

Brett says aside from the savings that have come with solar, it’s nice knowing part of his family’s energy use is coming from clean energy.

“Solar for us was definitely the way to go – it was definitely a smart move.”

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