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ZEN Energy installed a 4.32kW ZEN Premium solar energy solution at Danielle Johnstone’s Hayborough home. The solution has helped Danielle lower her bills significantly, become more environmentally friendly and gain control of her energy future.

About the Project

Danielle lives in her beautiful and newly built Hayborough home with her daughter, Wren. Conscious of their energy consumption because of rising electricity costs, Danielle hoped to gain some peace of mind by installing a solar solution with ZEN.

Having moved from a rental situation, Danielle previously had little control over her electricity bills other than choosing her energy provider. So, when Danielle finally had the opportunity to gain control of her electricity supply, she jumped on it by installing a solar solution on her newly built home.

Danielle had hoped to achieve two main goals with her solar solution – become more environmentally friendly while also protecting herself from increasing electricity prices.

“The cost of electricity is ridiculous so I know the investment is going to pay off”.

Despite having no intention of selling anytime soon, Danielle also liked the fact that if she were to ever sell the home, she believed that the solar installed had already added significant value. “A lot of the houses in the surrounding developments have solar – it’s clear that it’s the way to go.”

She also loves the flexibility of her system. “if I want more solar installed, the options there. And if I want to install storage, the options there too”, she went on to say.

“I’ll definitely consider storage in the near future, it’s the way the markets going”

Installing the Project

Initially, Danielle had every intention of enquiring with solar providers other than ZEN. However, having received a glowing recommendation from the Victor Harbor Council, ZEN quickly became the first and final solar provider Danielle rang.

“Everything since that first phone call was just really good, I had every intention of looking elsewhere but it just never ended up happening.”

Danielle was in the process of having her new home built when she contacted ZEN. Having a lot going on at the time she said,

“It was a really stressful period, but ZEN’s sales staff were really clear and helpful and I just thought; I trust you and I trust the company”.

She was thrilled with the entire installation process, saying “the installers were great. They arrived on time, and the system was installed quickly and with no problems. Since I had to be at work, they stayed in touch and kept me updated throughout the process.”

“I couldn’t fault ZEN, they were seamless from the first phone call until the completed install.”

Project Outcomes

Thanks to her new ZEN solar solution, Danielle is achieving both of her goals of becoming more environmentally friendly and lowering her energy bills. She’s also been producing just over 620 kWh every month for the quarter, sending her bills plummeting by more than half from $435 to under $200 per quarter.

With the household now generating its own electricity, Danielle can run her standard appliances such as the dishwasher, lights, washing machine, and air conditioning unit with the peace of mind knowing they won’t cause a blow out in her energy bills. “The price of electricity has been on the rise for years, and I don’t see it going down anytime soon.”

Overall, Danielle was thrilled with the outcome.

“ZEN Energy were great, and I would very happily recommend ZEN to others”.

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