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ZEN Energy installed a 17.68kW ZEN Premium solar energy solution and a 16kWh ZEN sonnen storage system at Dr. Jim Young’s North Adelaide home. The solution helps cover the ongoing energy needs of Dr. Young and his wife Robbie and has significantly reduced their power bills, helping them to be greener and add value to their home.

About the Project

Dr. Jim Young and his wife Robbie live in North Adelaide, South Australia. Like many households, the biggest user of electricity in their home is the reverse cycle air conditioning unit which they use to heat the home during the winter and cool the home during summer. The biggest catalyst for Jim and Robbie to consider solar and energy storage was so they could run their air-conditioning throughout the year and keep comfortable, particularly in the winter months, without having to worry too much about the associated electricity costs.

Before approaching ZEN, Jim and Robbie had a power bill of around $3500 just for the winter quarter. From talking through his energy usage habits with the expert team at ZEN Energy, Jim found he could significantly reduce his electricity bills by installing a large amount of solar on his roof to help offset the daytime operation of their air-conditioning, in conjunction with a ZEN sonnen storage solution to capture excess solar and help cover off some of their night-time energy needs as well.

What Jim loves most about their solar and storage solution is the sophisticated software that enables him to view the energy production of his system and how that energy is being used, all in real time.

Because of how effectively the system is working, Jim expects his ZEN Energy solution to pay itself back in around 6 to 7 years, with a feeling it’ll be sooner rather than later especially with South Australia’s rising electricity costs.

Another reason Jim and his wife chose to install solar and energy storage with ZEN Energy was for the value they believe it will add to their home, as they believe it will provide additional incentives for prospective buyers over and above other homes in the area thanks to lower ongoing running costs, should they ever wish to sell the property.

After researching and approaching a few companies, Jim found that while some offered decent solar solutions, a lot of them were using old technology and didn’t offer the solar and storage solutions that ZEN could provide.

Jim was extremely pleased with ZEN’s overall customer service and process, all the way through from the first enquiry, to the installation and his after-sale support. When comparing ZEN with competitors, he stated that other companies wouldn’t follow him up or take the time to speak with him and explain all the details. Jim said when it came to customer service, “ZEN was simply unparalleled, you couldn’t go wrong with ZEN”.


Installing the Project

When choosing a solar and storage provider, Jim said ZEN had a very good reputation and he had received a very strong recommendation from his sister who was another happy ZEN customer. Jim praised the whole team at ZEN, saying they were knowledgeable, active listeners, understanding the problems that needed to be solved and completed the install with impeccable customer service.

When asked why he chose ZEN, Jim said there were several other companies in Adelaide that were in the solar business, however, stated that

“ZEN is way ahead of the competition in terms of the information they provide, the choice, efficiency, and after-sales”.

Project Outcomes

The system is well and truly delivering the results Jim had hoped it would. Jim and Robbie are greatly reducing their energy bills, while having peace of mind knowing they can run the air conditioning plant without causing a blowout in their bills.

Thanks to their new ZEN solar and sonnen storage solution, Jim and Robbie were able to keep warm and comfortable whilst also reducing their energy bill by 40% in the first winter after the solution was installed. This result is already allowing them to worry less about their ongoing energy costs, whilst also being safe in the knowledge they have selected the right renewable energy provider

Jim says he already has and will continue to recommend others to install a solar and storage solution with ZEN Energy.

Follow Jim and Robbie and choose a company that offers outstanding choice, efficiency, and after sales service.

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