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John Bentley kept noticing that many of his neighbours who were installing solar panels on their homes were using ZEN Energy.

Thinking of installing a system on his home at McCracken, Mr Bentley asked his neighbours for feedback on ZEN and the reports were all positive.

Mr Bentley said being aged in their 80s and on the pension, he and his wife had to watch every penny so the hundreds of dollars they have already saved on their electricity bills had given them some financial breathing space.

“If we can save it goes a little way to the odd occasion where I might be able to buy a little bit of scotch,” Mr Bentley said laughing.

Mr Bentley said he took a daily reading of the energy his ZEN system generated and compared it with a friend, who has an eight panel system from another solar supplier.

“He has had no end of trouble – there’s just no comparison,” Mr Bentley said. “I chose ZEN because they were local and because of positive word of mouth.”

“And I tell you with ZEN, they came the day they said they would and I have not had a hiccup since.”

And as for anyone considering installing a solar system, Mr Bentley says: “Well, I can only say I can show them the results of a 10 panel system and my electricity accounts and say `what do you think of that’.”

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