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Project Summary 
System size12kW of solar paired to PB40
(7.5kW/40kWh) PowerBank off-grid unit and 14kVA diesel generator
System configuration-
Daily average system output- kWh average solar contribution per day
CO2 savings (per annum)- tons


ZEN Energy installed a 7.5kW/40kWh PowerBank System at Morambie Station, located 30km from White Cliffs in New South Wales. This system, combined with a 12kW solar system and new generator has drastically reduced the station’s reliance on diesel, helping to put an end to ever increasing fuel costs.

About the project

Morambie Station is a modern 120,000 acre sheep and cattle station owned by Rob and Janet Mengersen, located some 30 kilometres from White Cliffs in New South Wales.

At the centre of the property are two houses and a large machinery workshop where the proprietors live and work. Requiring the operation of large chillers, pumps and air conditioners, Morambie was powered by an aging 18kVA Perkins generator, 32V lead acid battery system and small 2kW solar system.

The Mengersens had previously been used to running the generator for 3 hours a day to accommodate for their energy needs, and with the generator nearing 30,000 hours and the battery system requiring replacement, it was time to upgrade.

As experts in remote area power systems, ZEN’s Mildura team was called in to provide advice on a new solution to support the Station, and ZEN’s PowerBank lithium battery solution was chosen to perform the task.

Designing the project

Working with the Proprietors, ZEN replaced the Perkins with a new 14kVA single phase Olympian by Caterpillar diesel generator, a 7.5kW/40kWh lithium battery PowerBank housed in a 10 foot container, and 12kW of ZEN roof mounted solar on the homestead.

The generator was relocated outside the shed under a new shelter and enclosed in a sound proof canopy. This removed the challenges associated with working in the machinery shed alongside an extremely noisy old generator, and freed up some much needed work space. A new sub mains was then laid from the generator to the PowerBank container and the PowerBank then wired into the homestead’s main switchboard.

The state of the art KACO solar inverters were located inside the PowerBank container, which was air-conditioned to ensure a constant ambient temperature of 25°C. The container itself was placed strategically to obtain shadow protection from the homestead and ensure that movement of machinery and existing landscaped areas were not disturbed.

Project outcomes

The entire project was a well oiled machine with the Proprietors and ZEN working together to offload the system, position it into place and connect it up.

“It’s been installed for several weeks now and the diesel hasn’t yet turned on. We used to spend around $10 a day on fuel for the generator, and now that our needs have changed, we’re looking forward to the support the PowerBank system will provide this summer.”

Morambie is another successful project for ZEN Energy, whose proven PowerBank lithium battery solution is proving to be an ideal fit with businesses and property owners located in remote areas. As CEO Richard Turner adds;

“Our aim is to provide station owners with a robust energy storage system that outperforms a similar sized lead acid solution. Lithium is now the battery of choice. We take all of the latest improvements that come out of the electric vehicle market and make it available in a compact battery system that is a perfect fit with diesel generators and solar.”  

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