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Project Summary 
System size400 x 250W polycrystalline panels
System configurationSMA solar control centres and ZEN micro inverters
Daily average system output380kWh solar contribution per day
CO2 savings per annum131.448 tonnes


ZEN Energy Systems installed a 100kW solar panel system on the roof of the National Golf Club’s headquarters, located on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. The 400-panel system, installed in February 2015, is on track to cover 15 per cent of the club’s electricity use.

About the project

The National Golf Club is located at Cape Schank, 88km south of Melbourne, on the spectacular Mornington Peninsula. The club boasts 2500 members and is considered one of Australia’s premier golfing destinations.

The club, which formed in February 1985, merged with the Long Island Country Club in nearby Frankston North, to create Australia’s first 72 hole private golf club.

The organisation wanted to reduce its carbon footprint and thereby demonstrate to its members and the public it strives to be a good corporate citizen. It also wanted to reduce its operating costs.

With plenty of space on top of its clubhouse roof, installing a solar system to generate power was the most cost-effective way to achieve these outcomes.

ZEN’s reputation among the golf club’s community as a trusted solar supplier coupled with the advanced technology of its products convinced the club to choose ZEN for the job.

Designing the project

The club wanted the largest solar system that would fit on the clubhouse roof, to maximise the benefits that would flow from generating its own electricity.

ZEN’s qualified installers made several site visits to the club to determine how best to configure the panels on the roof, to maximise the number that would fit. ZEN’s staff also liaised with the club’s network provider to arrange the system’s connection to the grid.

It was decided to install 360 panels in strings of 15 across 6 DC inverters to maximise potential yields and minimise any effect of shading.

The remainder of the system is AC micro inverters. This maximises the systems yield by eliminating shading concerns on the north east corner of the installation.

Integrating the AC and DC technology accounted for areas where shading was a concern, ensuring the system would have the best possible chance to perform at its optimum year round.

How the system works

The 400 panels are mounted on the clubhouse roof on three separate levels.

All energy being produced by the system is being used by the club to power its state-of-the-art clubhouse, frequented by its 2500 members.

A proprietary monitoring system was installed to allow the clubs members to monitor the energy being generated along with the consumption via real time graph. The information can be accessed remotely via the Internet.

The system is expected to cover 15 per cent of the club’s energy use.

Project outcomes

The golf club’s solar system was delivered on time and on the budget.

The club’s assistant manager David Jenkins said he could not fault ZEN’s staff, saying their professionalism and workmanship went above and beyond the club’s expectations.

He said the club would have opted for a larger system to reap even more benefits of generating its own power if more panels could have fitted on the clubhouse roof.

“I could not speak more highly of ZEN’s staff. They were nothing short of fantastic.”

David Jenkins | National Golf Club Assistant Manager

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